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Factors affecting the quality of wooden craftsCreation time:2023-03-04


      According to data statistics, in home decoration, the use of wood products accounted for about 35% of the whole decoration. It can be seen that the proportion of wood products used in home decoration is quite high. Such as wooden doors, wooden keels, wood lines, woodworking boards, veneer panels, density boards, wood floors, wooden furniture and other contents, wood products like other products, no matter before and after installation, or before and after use, there will be large and small problems. Today I will talk with you about the factors affecting the quality of wood products, which is also in our life often need to pay attention to and pay attention to the content.

      First of all, the drying treatment of wood products is not in place, the drying treatment of wood products is a necessary link. And the whole drying process is also complex, the treatment is good or bad, will directly affect the quality of wooden crafts. Generally, good quality wood products are dried naturally for a long time and then artificially dehumidified. Different materials of wood crafts drying process are not the same, the need for professional equipment and professional technical personnel to complete the entire drying process. If there is no combination of wood products material, wood products use scene, wood products environmental conditions and other factors, the quality of the finished wooden crafts, will be a great problem.

       Then there is the problem of tightness, that is, the tightness after drying. In the case of weak sealing, wood products will deform and expand if they encounter secondary water erosion, resulting in fatal obsolescence or injury of wooden crafts. There is also a situation is because of poor sealing, resulting in wooden crafts for a long time by high temperature or high heat baking. This is also a fatal destruction of wooden crafts, will lead to the essence of wood damage or scrap. Therefore, the environmental control of wooden crafts is crucial, a good environment can better extend the service life of wooden crafts.

       Secondly is the quality problem, we need to ensure that the wooden handicraft business is a credibility, integrity, check details. Only in this way can we ensure the after-sales protection of wood products, so when buying wooden crafts, try to buy some large manufacturers of wood products. When buying wood products, make sure that the surface of the wooden craft is well textured and that there are no traces of bug holes, cracks, and other patching.

       Finally, it is to see the moisture content of wood products, whether the moisture content is up to standard, the general moisture content of wood products in the northwest is controlled at about 8%-10%. If it is greater than or less than this standard figure, then the whole wood product will have various problems. In the purchase of wooden crafts can also ask businesses for detection reports and other related materials, is also to ensure the quality of wood products in Chengdu one of the standards. Many times, in the appearance of wood products can also see whether there is a quality problem, if the moisture content is not qualified, wood products will also appear thickness, width and flatness is not unified.