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Did you know that he was the inventor of the saw?Creation time:2023-03-04


       As we all know, as a craftsman, the use of the saw is a basic and essential tool. With the development of science and technology, the types and sizes of saws in the wooden handicraft industry have been standardized and diversified. According to the main purpose of saw can be divided into cross saw, used to cut wood. Jigsaw is mainly used to cut wood along the grain of wood, and the digging saw is also called the line saw, which is mainly used to cut curve shapes; According to the size of the sawtooth can be divided into coarse sawtooth, suitable for sawing larger and thicker wood. Medium serrated for sawing wood of average size and thickness. Fine serrations, suitable for more detailed sawing. According to its shape, there are frame saws and board saws. Saws are divided into large saws, two chain saws, small saws, fish maw saws, circular saws, hand saws, hacksaws and knife saws. The largest one is 3-4 meters long.

       Different specifications of saws are selected according to different application scenarios. As a craftsman engaged in wooden handicrafts, I need to know the specifications of the saw, the development history of the saw, and the inventor of the saw. Everyone should know Lu Ban, can be said to be the grandfather of our wooden crafts people. Not only the saw was invented by Lu Ban, but also most of the other tools we use in making wooden crafts. It is said that Lu Ban invented the drill, the plane, the shovel, the ruler and the ink fountain for drawing lines. The invention of each tool was inspired by Lu Ban's production practice and came out after repeated research and experiments. Today I'm going to talk to you about how the saw was invented by Lu Ban.

      According to archaeological records, people in the Neolithic Age already used the toothed stone sickle. In other words, in the Zhou Dynasty, hundreds of years before Lu Ban was born, some people had already used copper saws, and the word "saw" had already appeared. It is said that once when Lu Ban went deep into the mountains to cut down trees, many parts of the mountains were quite slippery due to continuous rain. He slipped carelessly and cut his hand on the leaves of a kind of wild grass, oozing blood. He took off the leaves and touched them gently. They had sharp teeth on both sides of the leaves. With these dense small teeth, he made a slight stroke on the back of his hand. His hand was cut by these small teeth, and Lu Ban was inspired by this incident. He thought, if such a toothed tool, can not quickly cut through trees! So, after many experiments, he finally invented a sharp saw, which greatly improved the efficiency.

       Up to now, as long as we are engaged in the production of wooden crafts and wood products producers, are inseparable from the saw set of tools to assist. Encounter different wood, different weather scenarios, will use different specifications of saws to complete the work. The appearance of the saw to the whole wood products industry with a lot of help, the appearance of the saw for the entire wood crafts industry production and processing efficiency has brought great promotion.