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Wooden wine box design conceptCreation time:2023-03-04

       Wooden wine box is an important part of red wine, exquisite appearance design and rich texture of wooden wine box, improve the overall grade and taste of red wine. Exquisite wooden wine box packaging, in the hearts of consumers have this great attraction. Exquisite shape, unique and novel outer packaging on the one hand for the red wine merchants to achieve brand publicity, on the other hand is the instructions and specifications on the package can enable consumers to more comprehensive comparison, choice and purchase. The overall design of the wooden wine box is very exquisite, rich with a strong sense of The Times and artistic charm. It not only brings out taste and value in wine, but also beautifies the whole product. The craftsmanship of the wooden wine boxes varies, but they all have their overall value.



      The first is that the wooden wine box can enhance the overall appearance, so that the overall appearance is more artistic. Human itself is a kind of visual animal, the first sight is to see, in the first visual impression, people will pay more attention to and try to use. In psychology, a package design to let consumers notice and understand, exquisite graphics are the most necessary conditions to attract consumers. It is not difficult for designers to make it eye-catching in the design of wooden red wine box. The difficulty is to make it different, and to reflect the cultural connotation of red wine brought by wooden red wine box is the most key and difficult. In the whole wine packaging design, the color and style used will make consumers in the visual impact. The outer packaging of the wooden wine box needs to stimulate the emotional color of people, only in this way can the wine be better sold to consumers.

      The second is the emotional association of the wooden wine box, the color of the wooden wine box can make consumers have a sense of intimacy. Red wine is mostly a product of taste for people of culture and status. So the design of the wine box should also reflect the noble characteristics. The design of wooden wine box also needs to take into account the positioning of the whole wine and the positioning of the wine market. Consumers generally believe that the product packaging reflects the quality and image of the product. Also be aware of the excessive packaging of wooden wine boxes, which can give users a sense of deception.

     Successful wooden wine box can give consumers a sense of photographic memory, memory is a person to the past manager of things to reproduce, memory is an important link in the process of psychological cognition, including memorization, retention, recall and recognition. The wooden wine box is designed according to the principles of psychology, reflecting the distinctive personality of the commodity, with concise words and patterns, but also reflects the cultural characteristics of the wine and the fashion direction of the era of consumption.