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Wooden wine case
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Hollowed out wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      Hollowed out three wooden wine box, ingenuity, handicraft gifts, gifts the best products. The clear wood texture makes the gift box return to the original color of wood. This three-piece hollowed out wooden wine box is made of Russian camphor pine wood, suitable for various types of red wine. Make the whole wooden wine box practical and durable. The wooden wine box is made of old copper buckle, so that the opening and closing of the top cover is simple, and the closing is tight, convenient and safe. The pattern adopts the branding process of high temperature pressing, lifelike, but also durable. Intimate card slot design, clever fixed slice design, convenient opening and closing, wine storage safety and rest assured. Retro switch design, so that the whole wooden wine box highlights the European retro style at the same time, not pan-fashion elegant atmosphere. Detachable red wine buckle, bottle mouth and body buckle design, stable and not shake, more convenient in the process of transportation stability and safety.

      The wood color of the wooden wine box reflects the amorous feelings of nature. Floating life is like a dream, unreal and beautiful, when the prosperity is done, everything is like passing clouds and smoke, only to find that the return to the true is beautiful. So as to feel the essence of the beauty of life, wooden wine box using hollow process, selected from the use of superior logs and logs made. After many processes carefully polished, the product quality is reliable, durable, is the best gift friends and relatives. The wooden wine box adopts the classic pull type design, the all-round use of your wine safety, but also reflects the sense of value of product heritage, so that your life more rich taste.