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Wooden wine case
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Portable double wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      High-end portable double wooden wine box, size 35.5*15.5*10, made of high-end mahogany. No packaging no gifts, let ta feel your heart, open the gift box of the moment, romantic surprise life needs a sense of ceremony, occasionally romantic is very important full of romance and happiness, to convey the fragrance of love to you. This mahogany double wine case is a tasteful box to make the heart feel more ceremonial. The high-end wooden wine case is carefully made to give full play to nature, health and comfort. Enjoy every moment together, send lovers, send friends, send parents, Song relatives, send good gifts, a complete set, fashion atmosphere show noble.

      The surface of the whole wooden double red wine box adopts the processing technology of bright black wood grain, and the outer packaging highlights the atmosphere and high-grade. Seiko in detail, a variety of uses. Focus on every detail of the design, control the quality of the entire wooden wine box, excellence. The interior of the entire wooden wine case is equipped with wine opening tools and density plates to prevent the wine bottle from swaying inside the case. The body of the wooden wine box adopts the bronzing process, and the whole appearance improves the grade of the wooden wine box. The surface of the wooden wine box adopts the hanging plating process, which ensures that the wooden box will not fade and rust in the normal use process and keep the brightness for a long time.