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Wooden wine case
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Double wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12


      The pine-wood double wooden wine box is made with the original wood color and mortise and tenon process. The size of the wooden wine box is 19*10*35cm. It is made of solid wood and beautifully designed with high-quality natural pine to create a high-quality wooden wine box. The exquisite silk screen printing process makes the surface of the whole wooden wine box clear and textured, and the pattern content durable. The whole wooden wine box handle is made of stainless steel or bronze, showing the high-end atmosphere quality. The exterior of the entire wooden wine case is reinforced with horizontal plates to ensure overall stability. Built-in reinforced card plate, to ensure the safety and stability of the wine bottle. The lid of the wooden wine case is arranged in horizontal plates with even ventilation to ensure ventilation throughout the case.