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Wooden wine case
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Wooden double wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      The original wood color double wooden wine box is an additive to taste life. This log double wooden red wine box size: 19*10*35cm, this wooden red wine box made of tung wood, environmental protection, light, with strong protection and anticorrosion. This double wooden wine box features comfortable handle, hardware buckle, screen printing technology, mortise and tenon structure. The whole is made of solid wood, the material is fresh and pleasant, and there is a light smell of solid wood.

      This wooden wine box adopts the silk screen printing process, which increases the adhesion of the whole pattern, and is not easy to fade and drop words in the process of use. The double wooden wine cases can carry twice the weight of the internal space, far ensuring the safety of the internal wine bottles. Bronze hardware, also increased the overall simplicity of the texture. The design of the slot limits the movement of the bottle and reduces the risk of the bottle shaking and breaking. Simple and direct function, can make the whole double wooden wine box closer to life, thus improving the overall grade.