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Wooden wine case
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Double wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12


      The double wooden wine box can support three different color styles. One is the original wood color, which is polished with the natural color of logs to achieve the original style. The other is antique color, on the basis of the original wood color baking retro color, fully show the ancient cultural and artistic style. The third is the fashion generous wood red, is in the completion of the entire double wooden wine box on the basis of natural environmental protection paint spraying, made into a fashion atmosphere wood red style.

      Our team specializes in the production of all kinds of wooden wine boxes, can be customized, can also be mass production. This double wooden red wine box is made of mahogany log production, wooden red wine box with hollow process, on the one hand for the user to save part of the cost, on the other hand show the high-end.