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Wooden wine case
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Pine wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      Pine double wooden wine box, size: 35*19*10cm, double wooden wine box made of imported pine, can carry two bottles of wine. The appearance of the whole double wooden wine box adopts the original wood color to maintain the original ecology and upgrade the grade of the whole wine. The material of this wooden wine box is warm and smooth like jade. The natural and smooth grain of pine makes people feel the rhythm of nature. Gently touch the surface of the whole wooden wine box, let people have a long-lost warm feel. Like delicate and elastic delicate skin, it is irresistible to put down. The whole wooden wine box is simple and atmospheric, simple means unfettered, advocating free life sense. Home life needs a little emotional appeal, more need some artistic conception. This wooden wine box can provide users with a high level of life sense scene, a high level of home life can edify people's mood and relieve tired body and mind.

      This wooden wine box is also a kind of life collection, in this quiet moment to recall the passing of time, there are too many things need to be treasured in the heart, there are too many things need us to savor. Red wine represents a high quality sense of life, and the wooden wine box represents a high quality life scene. This wooden wine box is made of high quality plate, simple texture, lifelike texture, pure and beautiful color, embellished with simple and pure, natural harmony and tranquility. The design of mortise and tenon structure not only strengthens the overall firmness of the wooden box, but also makes the wine storage safer and more secure. Built-in two-way card plate, effectively prevent wine deviation collision, firmly stuck bottle firmly in the wooden box. We can customize the design and manufacture of double wooden wine boxes, and can also carry out mass production of wooden wine boxes.