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Wooden wine case
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Vintage single wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      This single wooden red wine box is made of pine. The size of this single red wine box is 32.5cm in height and 8.5cm in diameter. A single 12 wooden wine box can be packed into a case, a double 6 can be packed into a case, six 4 to a case. This single wooden red wine box with flip switch, the whole red wine box made of tung wood, can also be produced according to customer requirements using the corresponding wood, the appearance of the red wine box with flannellet and high-end pu leather packaging, on the one hand to enhance the overall appearance of the wooden red wine box grade, on the other hand is not easy to fall, and high-grade, and practical. Suitable for high-end occasions of business gifts, reunion drinks, festival visits, birthday celebration and other scenes.

      The interior of the wooden wine case is lined and molded to better protect the wine bottle and wine bottle tool set. In addition to the high-end appearance, the interior structure is also appropriate.