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Wooden wine case
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Single hollow wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      Single wooden wine box, can be customized production of wooden wine box. The size of the wooden wine box: 35*10*10cm, you can customize the pattern and logo content on the box surface for free, and you can also use the general logo content display. This single wine box adopts the pull-out lid, the bottom of the lid adopts the hollow way, you can see the wine bottle in the box directly, showing the high-end atmosphere style. Users can use this wine box as a gift box as a gift to friends, to show the grade of the wine. This wooden wine box design fashion atmosphere, the whole box surface texture is clear and delicate, so that the wooden box inside the wine has a sense of art.

      This single wooden wine box printing exquisite pattern, the use of high quality printing process, so that the wine box more high-end, general LOGO, can also be customized. The whole single wooden wine box is assembled with mortise and tenon design process, which fully inherits the ancient mortise and tenon process technique, which can make the formwork and formwork more closely connected together. The whole wooden wine box is formed as a whole by mortise and tenon process, which makes the whole single wooden wine box more stable and strong. The wooden wine box adopts the drawing design, which makes the whole wooden wine box more airtight and full of wooden feeling. The wooden wine box will be equipped with a lot of shockproof wood strips, thoughtful shockproof wood strips to make the wine bottle fit the wine box, to ensure that the wine bottle is not broken, but also to ensure the overall safety.