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Wooden wine case
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Red wooden wine boxCreation time:2023-02-12



      This product is a single wooden wine box made of tung wood. It is lightly braised with the original tung wood to produce a retro artistic sense. This product specification: 11 cm *10 cm *35 cm, wooden red wine box net weight of 370g. This single wooden wine box uses the box corner metal accessories reinforcement, the box body uses the outer frame to surround the reinforcement, so that the wooden wine box is stronger than the ordinary red wine box, stability, favored by the majority of users.

      The raw material of the light red single wooden wine box is made of high-quality tung wood, whose softness and lightness can better protect the wine bottles in the wooden wine box. The buckle of the wooden wine box is selected vintage metal hook combination, which can better reflect the artistry of the wooden wine box, and also ensure the sense of quality of the wooden wine box.