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Wooden wine case
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Single wooden wine caseCreation time:2023-02-12



      The production of single wooden red wine box is mostly made of pine or poplar. The main purpose is low cost, light and easy to carry, and can fully meet the protection of red wine bottle. The use of pine or poplar to make wooden wine box, the production of wooden wine box can be natural color, maintain the original natural color of the original wood. A single wooden wine box made of logs, the overall shape is simple and generous, full and smooth lines, showing a good sense of quality. In addition, the intrinsic characteristics of pine and poplar materials make the wooden wine box more practical and durable.

      After the production of a single wooden wine box, the wine box will be accompanied by a lot of notes, so as to play a protective role in the wooden wine box, mainly simulation and moisture-proof, more conducive to the transportation and long-term preservation of wine. A single wooden wine box will have a fixed wine bottle card slot and card board, not only the framework of the wine in the wooden box, but also make the inside of the wine more convenient crude storage. After the manufacturing of a single wooden wine box is completed, a lifting rope will be drilled in the side plate of the wooden wine box to lift the handle of the wooden wine box, which is convenient to carry. The handle adds aesthetics and practicability to the whole wooden wine box. Each wooden wine box will print corresponding brand patterns or logo slogans according to customers' actual use scenes, increasing the brand publicity and artistic appearance of wine producers.


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