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Key points to pay attention to when buying wood productsCreation time:2023-03-04



       Wood products are recognized and favored by more and more people, especially in the family of wooden handicrafts, wood products furniture. We often buy some kinds of wood products, in the purchase of wood products at the same time need to pay attention to what! If you do not pay attention, you will pick out the defective wood products, not only the economic loss, but also the practical discount. In the selection of wooden crafts, attention needs to pay attention to the material of wood products, processing technology, detail defects, product certificate and so on.

       The first is to look at the overall material of wood products, wood products material is the most important link point. Material on the one hand determines the price of wood products, the use of high-grade wood production, or ordinary wood production, the price difference is much larger. The more valuable wood products will be made of rosewood, red sandalwood, sour branch wood, chicken wing wood, and ordinary wooden crafts will generally be made of zelkova, white oak, ash willow, elm and so on. Wood products made of high quality wood are hard in texture and heavy in weight, so their approximate value can be judged by hand feel and weight. But for the identification of wood, it is best to bring some friends who know better to help reference, many wood products material can also be faked, ordinary people if not identified, will be easily deceived, or to buy lower quality wood products with higher value.

      Then it is to see the processing technology of wood products. As a wooden artifact, the detail of the production process has a great impact on its value. Good wood products will be made in every tiny detail is also very exquisite, the overall smooth bright clean, clear natural texture, concave and convex rounded, without any burr, and no chisel marks. A lot of fine, unique wooden crafts also have a high collection value, now a lot of everyone's wooden crafts are bought by a lot of lovers at a high price as a collection.

       The second is to find the corresponding defects in the overall and details of the selection of wood products, wood products are made of natural wood materials, more or less there will be some minor defects. Some are because of the problems of the wood material itself, and it is necessary to carefully check whether the product has dark lines, which are naturally formed in the growth process of the wood itself. When wood products are made, some techniques or techniques will be used to cover up or cut off. Then look at whether there are bug eyes on wood products, the bug eyes sometimes will be blocked, through the details can also find its defects. It is also best to compare the color, to see whether the wood products have discoloration or have been colored twice. To ensure the overall effect and overall coordination of the wood products, the shape and pattern of the wood products should also be coordinated with the overall material, in order to form a natural feeling.

      There is the formality of wooden process products, it is best to choose the products of regular manufacturers, large manufacturers have qualified inspection certificate, in the overall after-sales can be guaranteed. There will also be complete instructions and precautions for use, maintenance methods, etc., to help the seller in the subsequent use of better play to the characteristics of wooden crafts.

      Finally, it is to consider the overall practicality, style collocation, the meaning of handicrafts. Many wooden handicrafts are made by combining the traditional culture of no country with the shape and craft. We need to check their own suitable for what kind of wooden crafts, combined with different years, combined with their own situation to choose their own beautiful meaning of wood products.