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The curing method of wood craftsCreation time:2023-03-04


       Wooden handicrafts can be said to be all over every link in our life, from small daily ornaments to large wooden construction projects. The making technology of wooden crafts is a kind of cultural inheritance and continuation, we fully carry forward it on the basis of the experience of our ancestors. Many, many carpenters have devoted their lives to the manufacture and creation of wood products, leaving us with countless experiences and precious wooden artworks. Today I'm going to talk with you about the maintenance method of wood carving crafts. Wood carving crafts also belong to a kind of wooden crafts, which have been very popular in recent years. Each wood carving handicraft is crafted by craftsmen, which reflects our wisdom and dedication. Some wood carving crafts are often played in the hand by users as handle pieces, and some are decorated in public or private places such as companies, families, shopping malls, to enhance the sense of art for the whole space.

        The first is that wood crafts should not be in high temperature and exposure to the sun, in fact, all wooden crafts are not easy in such an environment. Exposure to the sun will make the wood of wood carving crafts brittle and hard, and the texture has been greatly damaged. So it is recommended not to put under the balcony, because the balcony is the entrance of direct sunlight, if put, also try to fat in the curtain, to avoid direct sunlight. Some wooden crafts if long time high temperature or exposure to the sun, there will be irreversible problems, that is, cracking phenomenon. Therefore, wooden crafts should not be placed near some open fires, firewalls, kang and furnaces, so as to avoid this situation as far as possible. Only by avoiding these situations can we better ensure the integrity of wood carving crafts.

      Then, wood carving artifacts are not easy to put in wet or extremely dry indoor, wet environment is easy to cause the phenomenon of long hair wooden artifacts. Such as green sandalwood wooden crafts will highlight the silver silk out, although it is a beautiful scene, but the actual damage to the nature of the wooden crafts, this is not what we want to see. Too dry environment, wood carving remaining part of the water will be completely evaporated, not only lost the original luster and spirituality, but also serious cracking phenomenon. With the improvement of people's living standards, there is air conditioning in summer and heating in winter, so we should pay attention not to blow the wooden crafts against the air conditioning, also do not place the wooden crafts under the radiator.

       Finally, it's time for us to clean up and tidy up the wooden crafts. Try not to wipe the wooden crafts with water or wet towels. When wiping, some cotton towels containing grease or wax can be used as far as possible to wipe, which is actually doing maintenance operations for wooden crafts. If you take a wet towel with water to wipe wooden crafts for a long time, the water will penetrate into the wood products and gradually damage the wood products.